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Welcome to Avondale College

Welcome to Avondale College!  When you study at our College you will have opportunities to take part in a huge range of sports and cultural activities while still focusing on your academic studies. We aim to produce well-rounded global citizens!

Why Choose Avondale College?

Excellent academic results - most students pathway to university

High-tech facilities on a14 hectare site - Technology Centre and 1200+ computers

Large choice of subjects in both NCEA andCambridge (CIE) exams

Performing Arts Academy – Dance, Jazz, Classical, Drama, 8 Music & Drama productions each year

Sports Academy - 38 sports to choose from, two gymnasiums

Taurewa Camp outdoor education experience for each student

Homestay with a caring family

International Student Centre providing strong student support

Individualised programmes and activity programmes, plus holiday trips

20+ years’ experience in international student programmes

Short term and semester exchange programmes available

Students' online visa system

Destination New Zealand

New Zealand is a modern English speaking country with an internationally recognised high standard of education.

Safe environment with clean diverse countryside and healthy climate.

New Zealand’s economy is strong, with a low level of unemployment and a high standard of living.

Students are able to also have part time jobs while studying (up to 20 hours per week), by applying to modify their visa on arrival and with permission of the school and parents.

There is the opportunity to meet other international students from South America, European and south east Asian countries and experience New Zealand “kiwi” and other cultures.

New Zealand is close to the beautiful Pacific Islands and Polynesian cultures.

To find out more about why New Zealand is a great place in which to study, visit:

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