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The College expects students to maintain a high standard of dress and grooming at all times. Official uniform must be worn when attending the College, travelling to or from the College and attending school functions away from school (for example sports tours, cultural and social visits). Uniform should be worn correctly and not altered in any way. Boys' socks are to be worn up, held to just below the knee with garters, shirts are to be tucked in, the only exception being the senior girls' blouses. Students are not to be in the streets or in the main shopping areas in a mixture of uniform. They should be in complete uniform or mufti.

All students are expected to be clean and neatly dressed. Hair must be clean, tidy and natural in colour. No jewellery may be worn except for a watch and a plain gold or silver stud or sleeper in one or each ear lobe. Belts, if worn, must be black and plain; sandal back straps must be worn correctly and not folded down. The only hat permitted is the regulation school cap with the school crest and the only scarf permitted is the regulation school scarf with the school crest. Girls must not wear make-up or nail polish. Boys must be clean shaven.


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