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Avondale College
Victor Street, Avondale
Auckland, New Zealand
Telephone: +64 9 828 7024
Facsimile: +64 9 820 0183

General Enquiries:

To report an absence (see below):


To notify the school of your child's absence please log in to Family Connection and under the Available eForms tab, fill out the Absence Notification.

Alternatively, you can contact our Attendance Officer on (09) 820 1071 or by email:


If a student is absent from school, a dated letter written by the parent must be brought to the form teacher on the day following the absence. The note should state the student's name, form, dates of absence and the reason for the absence. When a student is likely to be away for more than two days, a message should be sent to the school, as soon as possible, by note or telephone.

Requests for a student to be away from school for any period of time (e.g. overseas trips) must be made by the student's parents/caregivers in writing to the Principal.

Senior Management

Mr Brent Lewis      
Deputy Principals

Mr Matt Bennett
        DDI: 820 1702      
Dr Terry Brown
          DDI: 820 1728        
Mr Phil Hill
               DDI: 820 1701
Mrs Sarah Drew  DDI: 820 1700
Mrs Lynne van Etten: DDI: 820 1720
Mrs Lyndy Watkinson   DDI: 820 1707
Ms Emma Joynes    (Actg)    DDI: 820 1071

Senior Managers

Business Manager  
Mrs Yasmin Khan
  DDI: 820 1703, MOB: 021 724 127


To contact the dean of your child's year level, please email, or phone (09) 828 7024, followed by their extension number  or use the direct dial listed.


Year 9  

Miss Ashleigh Earwaker         820 1709        Ext 537                
Associate Dean:Mr Nicholas Smit    Ext 542

Year 10
Mrs Grace Williams 1708          Ext 538                                                
Associate Dean:Mrs Brooke Nicholson     Ext 534

Year 11
Mr Dave Dewsnap     820 1738 Ext 541                
Associate Dean: TBA

Year 12
Ms Rhonda Donaldson     820 1706 Ext 533                
Associate Dean: Miss Hannah Stewart     Ext 560
Year 13
Mrs Naomi Parker     820 1710 Ext 535                
Associate Dean: Mrs Joy Yallop    Ext 540


Board of Trustees

Principal:  Brent Lewis

Chair:  Dave Erson

Trustee:  Mike Allison

Trustee: Nua Silipa

Trustee:  Tanya Wendt Samu

Trustee:  Jenni Tupu

Co-opted Parent: Eileen Joy

Staff Representative:  Rhonda Donaldson

Student Representative: David Tuitama

Secretary to the Board: Rochelle Smith


Jin Tai

(M. Counselling) Hons, University of Waikato, MNZAC, Counsellor

Ph. 8201713,
Dave McMillan

(M. Counselling) Hons, University of Auckland, MNZAC, Counsellor

Ph. 8201076,

Valenisia Sinisa

(M.Counselling) Hons, University of Auckland, MNZAC (provisional), Counsellor


For any queries relating to accounts, please email

Please note: Details of family statements can be viewed in Family Connection under the Student/Family Accounts tab.

Sports at Avondale

Director of Sports: Dannaka Dorrington

Website & Communications

For any queries regarding the website content or for more information on school events, please contact our Communications Manager:

Susan Elijas
021 244 5459


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