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The Arts at Avondale

Avondale College offers a wide range of activities in which students can participate. The school has a strong tradition in music, with a flourishing Orchestra, Big Band, Concert Band, Jazz Band, Choir and other musical groups. Expert tuition is available to interested students and many instruments may be borrowed from the school for a nominal fee.

Students interested in dance and drama have many opportunities to perform outside the classroom and a musical show is produced each year.

Cultural groups perform each year at the Auckland Polyfest.

Some of the activities that students may wish to get involved in include: 

Performing Arts Academy

'Bring it On'
Dance Club

Junior Drama Club

Big Band
Jazz Combo
Chamber Orchestra
Concert Band
'Dale Soul
Rock Band

School Show 

Stage Challenge

Cultural Performance Groups
Cook Island Group
Chinese Group
Filipino Group
Indian Group
Indo-Fijian Group
Maori Group - Te-Roopu-o-Patiki
Niuean Group
Samoan Group
Sri Lankan Group
Thai Group
Tongan Group

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